This blog is a recording of some of the things I have tried ( plus a few comments about activities other people told me about).  I will be giving advice for people that want to try new things - whether you want to try a new one every week, or just a new one this year.

For the rest of 2016, I will be updating with a new thing every Monday.  Not sure if I will keep that up come January 2017, but I've already scheduled quite a few posts.

Most of the exciting things to do start with a class and I will try to reference where I took what.  This will make it easier for others to try it too.

I will include advise and rank everything on a scale of 1-3 cor costs for cost $$$, mental difficulty 🎓🎓🎓, and physical difficulty 💪💪💪.

I am doing this mostly by memory, so if my scale seems off, sorry.   $🎓💪 meaning it is relatively cheap, easy and requires little effort, $$$🎓🎓🎓💪💪💪 meaning be prepared to spend a lot of money, work hard at it, and it will give you a real work out.  Expect to leave tired, poorer, but more skillful than when you started.

Generally I call something cheap ($) if it costs less than $75 to try it one time.  Anything more than $175 or so is expensive.  I don't think I've tried anything more expensive than $1000 a 'course'- and courses that cost me more than $200 usually had multiple sessions spread out over multiple weeks.  They effectively became my weekend for a month or so.

The difficulty is how I personally found it to be.   Some things you might find easier or harder than I do, but at least you have a general idea.

I have also labelled them as follows:

  • Artistic:  Uses some kind of creative talent.  Most of these (but not all) also get Souvenir.
  • Souvenir:  Gives you a permanent, physical object when you are done.  Most of them (but not all) are Artistic as well.
  • Science:  These activities involve learning some very interesting process.  
  • Circus:  A lot of the stuff you see at the circus can be learned.  These classes are often taught by professional or aspiring circus performers.
  • Social:  These activities are inherently social, beyond the class room environment.  If you are lonely, try one of these.
  • Exercise:  Any of these activities, if done often enough, will burn calories and/or help you build muscle.
  • Water Sport:  Requires a lake/river/ocean.  Almost all of these also qualify as exercise, but the  warmth and water requirement is limiting.
  • Kids:  This means that this is a good choice for young children ( say 10 years old)  Generally it means it is $ or $$, not too hard, not too dangerous, and does not require major adjustments for smaller people.

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